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Little Camper is the product of over eight years of development and testing in the rugged mountains of central Utah. Since 2000 ATV America has been building and testing light weight campers tough enough to handle offroad ATV trails and be safely towed by an ATV. With gas prices soaring to new highs they found a need for The Little Camper to also be street legal, tagged and ready to be towed by small cars and trucks. At the same 50 inch width limit set by US Forestry for ATV trails the Little Camper is trail ready and street legal. Designed with a full inch of foam insulation the Little Camper also shelters in very extreme cold weather. With the proper set of skies attached to the wheels most heavy snowmobiles will be able to tow The Little Camper to remote base camps for a level of winter sports and other activities not experienced before. The Little Camper also has a smaller footprint on the environment than the average tent, protects one from lightning strikes, keeps food away form wildlife, is easily handled by hand pushes and pulls, towable by horse, atv, snowmobile, small car or truck, street legal ready, trail ready and ready to go when you are.

Our plant in Dexter Georgia is working now on a very small air conditioner using 115 volt sources of about 100 watts and using friendly R134a to cool The Little Camper in hot humid areas like Mississippi or Lake Powel and deserts. We have a tough production schedule ahead to fill all orders in a timely fashion. Please rent The Little Camper at one of our dealer locations for a complete look over and enjoy.

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